Hundreds of satisfied buyers and sellers.

Office at 8 East Main Street, Fort Kent, Maine
In business since 1974, St. John Valley Realty Co. has served the real estate needs of hundreds of satisfied buyers and sellers. From its office located in downtown Fort Kent, the professionals at St. John Valley Realty Co. provide their clients and customers with up to date information on current market trends in the area and use the latest in computer technology, including e-mail and the world wide web.

In addition to assisting buyers and sellers of residential, recreational and commercial properties, St. John Valley Realty Co.'s management division manages over 175 rental units of all sizes. Owners of single family houses and owners of multiple unit buildings look to St. John Valley Realty Co. to provide the professional expertise needed in today's competitive rental market. St. John Valley Realty Co. offers a full range of services including, but not limited to, marketing, leasing, supervision, accounting and maintenance.

Your professional REALTORS at St. John Valley Realty Co. would be happy to sit down and discuss your real estate needs with you...

Michael C. Albert, Realtor
Designated Broker/Owner
Licensed Since 1993

Louis P. Albert, Realtor
Associate Broker
Licensed Since 1974

Knowledgeable, considerate service.

Your future home will most likely be the largest single investment in your life, and you want the individual, professional guidance this purchase requires. At St. John Valley Realty Co., you won't find a huge sales staff with large quotas to fill but you will find knowledgeable, considerate service. We are always mindful of your particular requirements.

The advantages of professional service

In selling your property, the listing is handled by experts, again with our same personal attention. And whether it's a sale or purchase you are interested in, you always have the advantages of our professional service.

Tammy Bernier, Realtor
Associate Broker
Licensed since 1995

Steve Johnson, Realtor
(207) 834-3934
cell: (207)316-5631

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